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    Clef du Vin Wine Tasting Tool
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    Clef du Vin is a revolutionary wine accessory that, in a matter of seconds, softens the structure and develops the aromas of any wine with aging potential. It is effective on all types of wines – red, whites, sweet, dry, sparkling, etc. Consisting of an alloy of metals protected by 4 international patents, it simulates the natural aging process by "aging" a glass or bottle of wine by one year for each second it is immersed in the wine. This amazing tool was developed over a 10 year period and has been tested and approved by the world's top sommeliers, wine growers, judges and writers.

    Clef du Vin is remarkably simple to use:

    1. Pour a glass of wine; taste and memorize. You may want to pour a control glass with which you can objectively compare the treated glass.

    2. Immerse Clef du Vin into the glass for one second; taste and compare.

    3. Repeat Step 2 until the wine reaches its peak according to your personal preference. If the wine deteriorates, it has passed its optimum "age".

    We tried this here at with a young Bordeaux and we were truly impressed by the results. This wine was tannic, acidic and not quite ready for enjoyment. However, after immersing the Clef du Vin in the wine for just a few seconds, it was perfectly "aged" and ready to drink!

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