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      • Dom Perignon P2 Vintage in Gift Box 2003  Gift Product Image
        Dom Perignon P2 Vintage in Gift Box 2003
        Vintage Sparkling Wine from Champagne, France
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      “Fine wine”, while obviously a term that can mean different things to different people, is in many contexts a phrase used to describe special bottles, whether that be a red, white, rosé, sparkling, and so on, those that sail far beyond the land of Tuesday night dinner. For you, fine wine might be that special bottle of red you’re saving for a special occasion. It could be the bottles you intend to lay down and age to their fullest potential. It might even be wines you buy as an investment, hoping their value goes up (yes, this is a thing!). Whatever the reason, acquiring fine wine can mean seeking out some of the most exceptional, sought-after – and possibly even the most expensive – bottles in the world. Here are a few useful definitions.

      Boutique Wine: small production wines that can be difficult to find

      Collectible Wine: wines for cellaring that are expected to improve with age

      Older Wine Vintages: bottles that have gone through the aging process and are at or near their peak

      Bordeaux Futures: known as en primeur in France, these are pre-sale offerings on wines that will be released at a future date, as is commonly done with top Bordeaux

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