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As yet a minor, but highly prized, white grape variety native to Piedmont, Nascetta promises a lush and aromatic white wine of high quality. Winemaking documents of the area mention it in the Novello village of Barolo as early as the second half of the 19th century.

Tasting Notes for Nascetta

Nascetta is a dry, white wine with a medium to full body and qualities of peach, crisp apple, citrus, honey, hazelnut, chamomile and smoke.

Perfect Food Pairings for Nascetta

Try pairing Nascetta with roasted rabbit, asparagus risotto, frittata, fish and caper linguini or a simple antipasti plate.

Sommelier Secret for Nascetta

Perhaps its rarity is only due to the fact that it competes with Nebbiolo for optimal Barolo vineyard space. But it has proven to do well just outside the Barolo area, namely in the village of Ciliegie where Riesling also has success.

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